Akibuki Ltd is a digital service providing company founded in 2020 in the UK and Wales which is regulated by the company act in the UK. Using this platform any buyer across the globe can pick up their services without paying any extra fees.

Vision and Mission:

There are many freelance marketplaces in the industry but we are the first to provide digital services directly to customers as a company. Therefore, in other marketplaces, customers find a freelancer and hire him for a certain amount of money. It is a waste of time to find a professional here and in many cases, it is hard to identify a good professional because of wrong assurances. Because of this in many cases, both time and money are wasted. As a company, we have made that task easier. The company itself will contract with the professional person for the service we will offer here so the company is always determined to provide best quality work.

No funky freelancer:

We do not allow random people to become sellers on our platform. Choosing a seller on our platform we always follow some criteria such as his/her working experience, well established portfolio and English proficiency. Our dedicated success team always monitors the progress of every order.

No surprise at checkout:

It’s not just a promise, it’s our speciality of not charging any extra fees to our client. It means you will pay what you see as a service price. No order hadelling fees, No payment processing fees. Cancellation fees may apply; please check our refund and cancellation policy.

Flexible communication:

Getting your work done online is always hessel without flexible communication. Not only you; we believe so. Our communication policy is the most flexible policy compared with any other marketplace. We hate to create a painful environment to preserve our profit. At the same time we are committed to protect you. So it is advised to follow our communication policy.